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Autumn Care and Driving tips

There is much to love about autumn, from the season’s first early morning frost to the new warm hues of nature’s changing colour palette but Autumn’s not just about blackberries and fiery leaves – it brings changes to the roads, too. Roads can become slippery and visibility is often reduced. Darker nights and low sun bring their own hazards. A change in climate can also have an effect on how your vehicle performs, so car maintenance becomes important and is also the perfect opportunity to get your car ready for winter driving. 

Glare when the sun’s low in the sky is more likely to be a problem at this time of year. Clean your windscreen, inside and out, removing the hazy film that builds up.
Keep a pair of sunglasses in the car. If the sun is not too low, use your visor to create some shade for your eyes. Reduce your speed to increase the safety margin between you and the car in front

Remember that fog also makes the road wet and slippery and Wet, fallen leaves are extremely slippery and can obscure road markings or conceal other hazards, such as potholes. So take greater care when driving 

Check your lights every few weeks throughout the year, but especially as autumn starts and we head into the darker months Don't leave it too late to turn on your lights - see and be seen,Use your headlights when visibility is reduced, in accordance with the Highway Code

Ensure your tyres, brakes, wipers, heater are in excellent order

Rain reduces your visibility and increases stopping distances. So it is advisable to double the distance between you and the car in front. Your vehicle will take much longer to stop on a wet surface, particularly one covered with wet leaves - adjust your speed and leave a longer following distance so that you are always able to stop in the distance seen to be clear. If the roads are flooded, avoid areas of deep water, which is usually along the road edges or kerbs

Watch out for children walking and cycling to and from school. It may be difficult to see them because of low light levels. During school arrival and departure times there is usually a large number of children crossing the road or riding bikes

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