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E10 petrol: What is it and can my car run it?

E10 petrol: What is it and can my car run it?

A more eco-friendly petrol is due to be introduced to filling stations in the UK later this year.
The government intends to make E10 the new standard petrol grade.
The change will come in over the summer, the Department for Transport (DfT) says - but not all cars will be able to run on it.
It’s a change that in reality most of us won’t notice, but it can have an effect on the way your car performs and, for some older vehicles, won’t work at all.

What is E10 petrol? 

It's a motor fuel that contains less carbon and more ethanol than fuels currently on sale. Ever seen ‘E5’ at a petrol pump? On regular 95 octane unleaded, this means it contains up to 5% bioethanol as part of the mixture. Ethanol is a kind of alcohol manufactured from plants, including sugar beet and wheat. Bioethanol helps cut emissions when cars burn petrol and is a renewable source of energy — as it’s a byproduct of sugar fermentation.
If you haven’t guessed, ‘E10’ means 95 octane fuel sold on UK forecourts will now be required to contain up to 10% of bioethanol in its mixture.
Current petrol grades in the UK - known as E5 - contain up to 5% ethanol, with the other 95% being regular unleaded petrol.
Their replacement, E10, will see this percentage increased to 10% - a proportion that would bring the UK in line with countries such as Belgium, Finland, France and Germany.

Why is E10 petrol used?

E10 will help reduce the overall quantity of fossil fuels needed to power the UK's cars.
It comes as the government announced a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, as part of its climate-change targets. Introducing E10 could cut carbon emissions by 750,000 tonnes a year, the DfT says, the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road. It’s suggested that CO2 emissions from petrol cars in the UK should drop by about 2% overall with the switch to E10.

How will E10 affect my car?

You can check The government website where drivers can check whether their car will run on E10 fuel here. 
You’ll need to know the vehicle manufacturer to use the service. You may also need the vehicle model, engine size and year it was manufactured. Most petrol vehicles will be able to use E10.

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