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Road Trips Around Wales

Winter can look beautiful in snow, but snow is far from guaranteed and you’ll need to wrap up warm.
Spring and autumn offer respite from the crowds, especially in popular spots like Snowdonia, Tenby and St David’s.

Travel in Wales gives a real sense of escape, from rugged coast to rolling valley, with plenty of history to see along the way. With soaring mountains, sweeping views and roads where you can drive for what feels like forever without seeing another soul, the open road in Wales has as much to offer as anywhere else you can think of.

The Coastal Way travels the west coast around Cardigan Bay, a 180-mile (290km) road-trip between the sea and mountains. The Cambrian Way crosses the spine of Wales for 185 miles (300km) between Llandudno and Cardiff, through National Parks and big green spaces. The North Wales Way leads 75 miles (120km) past mighty castles into the island of Anglesey.

The North Wales Way Follow the old trading route along our northern coast into Anglesey. Explore The North Wales Way.

The Cambrian Way A complete north-south journey along the mountainous spine of Wales. Explore The Cambrian Way.

The Coastal Way This coastline is dotted with charming harbour towns and resorts, fishing villages and secret coves. There are vast stretches of sand, towering cliffs, and beaches of all kinds in between. Explore The Coastal Way. 

The Coastal Way has to lots offer like exploring the dramatically folded coastline whilst kayaking near Ceibwr or delve deep into the heritage of the area with visits to St Davids Cathedral,, head out onto the Pembrokeshire Coast Path or Preseli Hills

You can find an attraction to suit everyones wants here in Wales take a look HERE for some attractions that are definitely worth a visit. 

Our weather can be unpredictable - severe weather conditions can arise when least expected and be extremely dangerous if you're out on the road.
Be prepared, and make sure your vehicle is ready for winter

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