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Summer Driving

The Good Weather is arriving and we think there is nothing better than a good summers drive, or packing your vehicle up to pop off on holidays for that well deserved break. 

Here are some tips and driving laws to make sure you have a safe trip this summer :) 

Firstly we are going to suggest you top up your fluids,  not just for yourself (even though its important to make sure you stay hydrated), but your vehicle needs it too, engines can get hot in the summer so make sure your coolant is always topped up.  

Since we are massive Animal lovers we think this one needs a mention. Do Not Leave you Dog in a hot car.  The RSPCA says that if it’s 22 degrees outside, the inside of a car can reach 47 degrees within one hour, which can lead to dangerous and heart-breaking consequences.  Never leave your dog alone in a car on a warm day. If you see a dog in distress in a hot car, dial 999. #DogsDieInHotCars

Keep your keys safe on the beach, may seem an obvious one but its easy to lose keys in the sand or ruin the remote with water. (Don't Ask how we know :) )

Try and Park in the shade whenever you can or purchase a sunshade for your windscreen – these can reduce your car’s interior temperature by around 15°C.  If you have time before you set off on your journey try opening all the windows, doors or the roof if you have a convertible to release as much heat as possible before you start your journey or if you have AC ignore the last tip as you will not really feel the befit of that glorious AC if you have all the windows open :) 

Roads repairs are an all to common sight in the summer months,  so be careful with tar and loose chippings on the roads as they can cause cracked headlamps and windscreens, and damage paintwork if you’re not careful. Stick to any temporary speed limit that’s been put in place. 

Check your footwear, if you are anything like some of us in the office a good flip flop in the summer months is an essential but a no no if your the one doing the driving and so is driving bare foot. A little solution to this problem is to keep a good pair of shoes in the car with you to change into before you get behind the wheel. The Highway Code says:
“Before setting off, you should ensure that clothing and footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner.”

On the note of appropriate footwear same goes for clothing. Don't start delaying while you driving it can land you in trouble with points and a fine for removing jumpers etc while at the wheel. Make sure you are comfortable before you go.

Keep that windscreen clean, When we are lucky enough for the good old British sun to show its beautiful warm face, Sun glare from direct sunlight can make it really difficult to see out of your front windscreen, especially if it isn’t clean, So remember to give it a once over and keep your windscreen wash topped up.

Keep checking your tyres for any damage and check they are at the right pressure, the high temperatures in the summer months can increase the chance of a blowout 

 Plan plan plan, not just the fun bits on where you are going ( even though that is the best bit) Plan your journey ahead of time. We all know the roads get busier during summer when the children are off school, and more people are out and about enjoying the weather. Check for travel updates and plan your routine, try to give yourself extra time to complete the journey so you are less stressed about the time.

And Lastly our favourite get yourself a good summer play list ready to listen to while driving but make sure its not playing to loudly as that can land you a fine and points and depending on your music taste some funny look too :) 

If your looking for a new vehicle to enjoy your summer trips in we have plenty to offer from Family cars to Campervans we got you covered for your summer memories to be made 

Enjoy your Summer Everyone!! 

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